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Easy Metrics and Cadre Technologies Join Forces in Strategic Partnership, with Customer ColdPoint Logistics

Technology integration increases customer’s warehouse efficiency through visibility into labor cost and productivity

Easy Metrics, Inc., a provider of productivity and analytics software for distribution operations, announced its strategic partnership with Cadre Technologies, a leading innovator of warehouse management & supply chain systems.

Easy Metrics’ labor analytics and Cadre’s Cadence WMS (warehouse management system) have seamlessly integrated their technologies at their joint customer facility, ColdPoint Logistics, in Edgerton, Kansas.

Kansas-based ColdPoint Logistics has extensive service offerings in cold storage logistics, storing and trans-loading agricultural products.

Says Jill Keto, Chief Marketing Officer, Easy Metrics, “The complexities of the fresh food supply chain are many, and temperature control is the foundational element in bringing fresh food to the family table, year-round. Cold storage warehouse and logistics operations play a critical role. We are thrilled to provide a tight-knit technology integration that will help drive major efficiencies and operational visibility for ColdPoint.”

Easy Metrics’ analytics platform creates visibility into labor cost and productivity by individual activity, process, facility, employee, customer, supervisor, product group, and equipment type.

Cadre Technologies’ Cadence is a real-time warehouse management system that organizes inventory, orders, shipments and workflow for distributors, 3rd party logistics companies and manufacturers.

“Easy Metrics provides exactly what our customers are looking for in Labor Management,” explains Daryl Grove, President of Cadre, “and ColdPoint Logistics’ commitment to operational excellence was the perfect customer for our initial collaboration.”

About Cadre Technologies
Cadre Technologies is a leading innovator of warehouse management software for distribution and 3PL, 4PL logistics operations and online collaboration. Products include: LogiView, SaaS-based supply chain control tower; Cadence Warehouse Management System; and Accuplus, 3rd Party Logistics WMS. The company is based in Denver, Colorado with offices in Lenexa, Kansas and Baltimore, Maryland. Cadre is a FOG Software Group company, part of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU). For more information, visit https://cadretech2.wpengine.com.

About Easy Metrics
Easy Metrics fuels operational excellence in distribution operations. Operations and finance leaders use Easy Metric’s API integration platform and machine learning to analyze, plan, and forecast their labor spend so they can drive operational speed and efficiency, price their products and services profitably, and drive employee engagement. With Easy Metrics, they translate raw activity, facility, people, and equipment data from multiple data sources into actionable reporting that help their operation optimize labor and equipment spend, plan facility investments, and drive employee engagement strategies that ultimately fuel the growth of their business. For more information, please visit http://www.EasyMetrics.com.