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Five Ways a 3PL Will Benefit Your Ecommerce Business

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Selling online successfully means partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that can accommodate you no matter your shipping volume or capacity. The holiday season can present unique challenges for any growing ecommerce business, such as fulfilling peak volume ordering, so you want a 3PL that is flexible and can help you scale your operation up or down depending on the time of year.


Here are five reasons why a partnership with a 3PL is essential for any ecommerce operator:

1) You’ll get immediate expertise

If you are new to ecommerce, a 3PL can make you a seasoned competitor fast. That’s because they have likely worked as fulfillment operators for companies of all sizes. They know how to handle a full spectrum of orders and needs. For retailers that already have traditional distribution operations, a 3PL can be used to fulfill only the ecommerce side of things, which will free them up to dedicate all their energy to their brick-and-mortar distribution.

2) You can test new markets

A 3PL will have experience working in all kinds of markets, so your partnership will give you that market reach. This is the best way to test new markets with specific product offerings before scaling things up. Think of it as an easy way to gain market research insight to what could end up a turning point for your company.

3) You can handle returns efficiently

Some 3PLs have the capacity to handle returns, which is especially helpful following the peak volume of the holiday season. Many deal with returns by connecting clients to secondary markets, third-party wholesalers, and recyclers for damaged products.

4) You can get closer to your customers

You know that an ecommerce business thrives on promising fast delivery and whichever operator can get the product to the customer’s doorstep the fastest wins. A good 3PL can offer multiple locations to house inventory, which means reducing the time to fulfill orders, which means happier customers.

5) You can optimize shipping

Shipping costs are more reasonable through a 3PL because multiple orders from different companies can be consolidated depending on routing. That means a greater opportunity for them to negotiate lower rates, which means more savings for you.


Want more? Here are five more benefits of working with a 3PL from DC Velocity.


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