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Holiday Season is Coming Up – Better Get Ready! We’re Not Kidding…


Even though we are in the midst of spring, both retail and warehouse operators are starting to look toward the end of the year when the busy holiday season heats up and orders starts flying through the door.

According to consultant F. Curtis Barry & Company, the holiday season generates 60% to 70% of annual sales, and a higher percent of profits for most companies. So how can companies get a head start now and improve their readiness? Here are a few ways to start:


Simplify Your Workflow

Find ways to improve the flow of inbound receipts, customer orders, and returns more efficiently. For example, designate your labor force by productivity demands: Give established workers more complex tasks and new, temporary, or part-time workers work that is simpler and requires less training.


Shop for a 3PL

If you don’t have one, now is the time to find a 3PL that can increase your workflow, create efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction. To get one up and running by the fall, shipping has to take place in late summer.


Assess Your Outbound Shipping

Check out best practices for improving the speed and accuracy of products moving through your facility. Which kind of technology can help move product to trucks? Where can you identify bottlenecks? Comb through every step of the process to see what you can do to transform your process.


Develop a Plan

Sketch out both needed improvements and potential solutions and get your senior management on board. Establish start and end dates, delegate responsibilities, and report back weekly to all stakeholders. Do everything you can do to make sure things stay on track, because you’ll need to be ready once the holiday season hits.


For more tips, visit F. Curtis Barry & Company’s 14 Considerations For Being Ready For Peak Season.

How do you prepare for the holiday seasons? Share some helpful tips on best practices you can implement today to keep your business steady and poised for growth. Share in the contact form to the right!


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