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Survey Shows WMS Buyers Want Latest Technology for Warehouse Operation

New Contract - HandshakeA recent report finds that the majority of WMS buyers are looking for systems that can make them current with the latest technology and that most of them are using bar code scanning technology in all their locations.

Software Connect’s survey talked with 116 warehouse operators that deal with high order volumes to assess what they wanted to address this year and next. Their key findings include:


What motivates WMS buyers

The top feature motivating buyers (39%) was better features, followed by the need to replace a dated system (20%) or automate existing processes (16%). The factors played the last role were better integration with another system (11%), the need to improve efficiency (8%), consolidate multiple systems (8%) and improve accuracy (7%). Clearly, it appears that buyers want systems that have the latest technology to keep them compliant and better positioned to compete.


Barcoding and RFID

The vast majority of respondents (73%) said they prefer barcoding over radio frequency identification (RFID) to track inventory (7%). The benefits of barcoding clearly outweigh the costs as more buyers see the ROI benefits to outfitting their warehouses with scanning technology.


Budgeting for WMS

As companies expand, their budgets for WMS also increase. Companies that have between 500 and 999 employees are most likely to budget nearly $400,000 for WMS; when companies have been 100 to 499 employees, that budget drops to nearly $300,000. Companies with less than 100 employees budget about $140,000.


Warehouse portfolio

The majority of respondents (46%) operate one warehouse, but nearly a third (28%) have two, and 13% operate five or more warehouses.


What WMS is replacing

QuickBooks Enterprise was the most common system buyers replaced with WMS (16%), followed by other QuickBooks products (9%), Sage 300 (8%), Dynamics GP (5%), and others.


For the full report, click here.


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