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Why visibility is important to your shipper network

Why Visibility Is Important to Your Shipper Network

Why visibility is important to your shipper networkCreating visibility on every level of your supply chain is the surest step to creating transparency for everyone involved, but it will deliver more benefits than you expected. The right technology will get you there, but first you must understand why greater visibility matters in a market that is getting more competitive by the minute.


Your partners and customers expect it.

We live in a visible world. People now expect real-time information access on screens wherever they work or travel. This trend is driving ecommerce, and both retailers and customers now rely on enhanced visibility in their transactions. Shippers now feel the pressure to provide reliable data in addition to faster order fulfillment. Because their customers are demanding it on their end, shippers need to work with supply chain operators who can provide greater transparency in their data.


You’ll generate greater efficiency.

There’s no doubt about it: Greater visibility is directly linked to greater efficiency in your supply chain. The reason is because it can be used to generate analytics. These reports are what you need to reveal all the inefficiencies in your process in order to help you come up with ways to rectify them. Greater efficiency is the natural outcome of these reports. Visibility is like a spotlight that helps you see areas of waste across your supply chain.


You’ll generate greater accuracy.

Another thing analytics will do by way of visibility is improve your accuracy. By shedding light on inefficiencies, you’ll have the ability to look at issues involving driver detention and delays. Visibility automatically improves the paperwork process because it eliminates paper. You’ll soon have order and inventory information available to you on your screens whenever you need either. Redundancies in your communication will be eliminated. You’ll get better forecasting of truck demand. Overall, accuracy in the numbers that are crucial to getting goods out the door and where they need to go will improve because there will be fewer people involved. Merging data into one system (i.e. control tower) provides clarity for both you and the shipper. Your customers will notice the improvement, which keeps everyone looking good.


Do you offer visibility between various systems? How has greater visibility helped your business? Share some helpful tips on best practices you can implement today to keep your business steady and poised for growth. Share in the contact form to the right!

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