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Managed Hosted Services from CadreTech

Meridian IT & Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

meridian IT logoCadre has partnered with Meridian IT to offer managed hosted services, also known as infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).

This arrangement has many economic and operational benefits to companies who want to lighten their IT load.  It allows companies to start with a smaller investment and scale up as business grows.

Meridian IT hosts Cadence, Accuplus and LogiView.  The company has excelled in their professionalism, responsiveness and persistence for identifying problems before they occur.

What are the Benefits of IaaS?
First and foremost, customers benefit from a vastly improved infrastructure that backs the servers.  It’s a stark contrast to what most companies can build themselves.  Startups and even companies that have been around for a while may have their servers in a closet, which really doesn’t offer a secure environment for critical data.  From security to infrastructure, HVAC to backup, there are a number of elements a proven data center offers that companies simply can’t afford on their own.

Flexibility:   Infrastructure as a service addresses the changing requirements of a business.  It allows a company to eliminate upgrades, obsolete equipment and scaling issues as it adopts new technology.  It is cost effective and convenient.  Large platforms of equipment are available through the hosting centers which are segmented for each customer and can expand and contract with business volume.

The Bottom Line:  One of the most significant impacts of IaaS to the bottom line of a business is the savings in labor costs including associated taxes and benefits.  IaaS is cost effective because there is no need for periodic larger investments in upgrading hardware, providing facilities and dedicated infrastructure staffing.

As environmental consciousness becomes a mandatory part of every business model, IaaS helps the green initiative by addressing power utilization requirements and by handling other matters such as the proper disposal of old hardware.  Some businesses may even qualify for tax breaks by adopting IaaS.

Implementation Consistency:  The platform is designed for Cadence, Accuplus and LogiView.  This helps with a proper configuration without variances in hardware specification.

Focus:  IaaS allows IT to shift focus on innovation and solutions instead of infrastructure.  Maintaining the platform is typically not a core competency within a warehouse business.

Reliability: The reduced down time of IaaS, its security and application in disaster recovery plans, and its responsiveness mean that businesses gain through the availability of more time.  The cost of downtime and potential charge-backs (including penalties by companies like Walmart) can be devastating.

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