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Cadre Cloud WMS Services:

Simple cloud WMS deployment options with transparent costs.

Cadre Cloud Services BrochureCadre Cloud WMS evolved as a way to help our customers get up and running faster without the need for in-house expertise and capital equipment.

We realize that the capital needed for securing and managing the necessary infrastructure to run WMS applications and protect data can be significant. Managing and maintaining these systems in-house is a distraction from the core expertise of your resident IT team.

Cadre has an alternative: we offer simple cloud-based deployment models for Cadre warehouse management software, with transparent costs.

As your needs grow, so can the size of your cloud-based limitless scalability is available. Our proven onboarding process makes deploying Cadre WMS to the cloud quick and easy. Workloads can be live in as few as 30 days.

The benefits  of Cadre WMS in the Cloud

While it’s not necessarily the right solution for every business, there can be some compelling advantages to a cloud deployment. These include:

• No capital expenditure
• Tackle end-of-life refresh
• Overcome resource challenges
• Access capacity
• Test new applications
• Harness new efficiencies

Cadre WMS Cloud Options

Various packages are available to ensure you buy only the services you need for your business.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE is a private cloud
    infrastructure. Built on best-of-breed technology in
    world-class data centers, our IaaS runs your mission-critical
    applications and services at one affordable price.
  • BACKUP AS A SERVICE is a resilient, cloud-based backup
    service. BaaS securely backs up your critical data to ensure
    data protection and provide peace of mind.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY AS A SERVICE is a cost-effective
    cloud-based recovery service. DRaaS protects against
    unexpected system interruptions and recovers your mission-
    critical applications, services, and data—within 4 or 24 hours,
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY AS A SERVICE is a robust, cloud-based data protection and disaster recovery solution. HAaaS continuously replicates your mission-critical applications, services, and data in real time and eliminates the risk associated with a single point of failure

Download the Cadre Cloud Services Brochure today.