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Axis Global Logistics & USO2GO Kits

Inventory Management & Delivery Case Study

Axis Global Logistics delivers USO2GO Kits to Troops in Remote Outposts.

From Chicken Noodle Soup to Nintendo® Wii™ games, USO2GO kits provide entertainment, comfort and relief from the stress of deployment in faraway posts.

As a leader in fulfillment and logistics services, Axis Global Logistics is expert in meeting the demands of a wide variety of supply chain challenges.  So, when presented with the opportunity to help supply comforts of home to U.S. troops in faraway locations, the company stepped up in a big way.

Axis Global took on the task of being the logistics provider to the USO for its USO2GO program.

USO2GO delivers the USO’s most popular services to troops in remote and restricted areas.  Everything from beanbag chairs, snacks, coffee and toiletries to phone cards, DVDs, XBox®360, PlayStation® 3, and Nintendo’s Wii™. Also available are musical instruments, art supplies, footballs, Frisbees and horseshoes.

“We are proud to be part of this important effort to help our soldiers,” said Brian Harvey, executive vice president at Axis Global. “Every kit we ship is a reminder that Americans care about them.”

From its Somerset, New Jersey warehouse facility the company manages the entire process from receiving and managing inventory to preparing and shipping kits via the U.S. Postal Service. The total service package includes managing inbound freight, updating of inventory, tracking standard costs, inventory picking, kit assembly and tracking shipments.

“The items arrived today.  Thank you very much for your support…This is truly a blessing a little piece of “HOME” for the guys to unwind and relax.  We are truly excited and encouraged by the USOs assistance to us and all our military families.  Small tokens of appreciation such as these truly keep us motivated and knowing that people still “Care”.”  1SG SWEET

“Axis Global has been a critical provider to this important program,” explained Cristin Perry, programs manager at USO. “The order management and fulfillment process is essential to successfully providing our deployed troops with comfort items, allowing us to provide a touch of home.”

There are several different types of USO2GO packages, including Comforts of Home (toiletries, grooming items), Edible Enjoyments, Furnishings, Electronics, Athletic Equipment, Art and Music supplies and Games/Reading materials. Each kit is scaled to accommodate the size of the unit.

How It Works
Axis Global utilizes the Cadence Fulfillment system from Cadre Technologies to manage the entire process. Cadence is a real-time logistics system that integrates order capture, warehouse management and parcel shipping.

Axis Global utilizes Cadence for receiving inbound freight, putaway and inventory updates. The company assists in purchasing items on behalf of the USO at cost effective prices. The Cadence purchase order application manages inbound PO activity and Axis transports the shipments of product from suppliers to the Axis Global warehouse, providing an end-to-end supply chain solution.

uso 2When a service member requests a USO2GO kit for a service unit (battalion, company, etc.) the approved order is entered into Cadence via the system’s order management module. Orders are sent to the Cadence Warehouse Management system where they are processed in picking waves by warehouse managers. Order waves are scheduled and picked on a first in, first out priority. Once picked and packaged, the kits are sent to the warehouse shipping lanes. The system’s parcel management shipping system is integrated with USPS parcel services.

Compliant shipping labels are applied for successful deployment to APO locations and logistics delivery overseas.

A big part of the service is reporting the value of orders, where orders are sent, and inventory value. Electronic products are tracked by serial number. Food items are managed with manufacturer lot number and date codes to optimize use of product within expiration dates. The Cadence system creates reports by expiration dates so that inventories are used within the expiration dates. Axis Global receives between 500 to 700 pallets of USO inventory every month. This is from 92 purchase orders containing 1217 PO lines which total nearly 4 million pieces.

“Time does seem to be our enemy over here and the countdown continues until we do get home. And this greatly helps span the time.” ‐ From a Sergeant First Class who recently received a USO2GO package.

Axis Global receives between 500 to 700 pallets of USO inventory every month. This is from 92 purchase orders containing 1217 PO lines which total nearly 4 million pieces.

To view a video of the USO2GO program:

About the USO and USO2GO
The USO (United Service Organizations) lifts the spirits of America’s troops and their families millions of times each year at hundreds of places worldwide. We provide a touch of home through centers at airports and military bases in the U.S. and abroad, top quality entertainment and innovative programs and services. We also provide critical support to those who need us most, including forward-deployed troops, military families, wounded warriors and their families and the families of the fallen. USO2GO is one of the many ways that the USO fulfills its mission to lift the spirits of U.S. troops and their families. For more information and to sponsor USO2GO, visit: USO2GO’s site.

The USO is a private, nonprofit organization, not a government agency. All our programs and services are made possible by the American people, support of our corporate partners and the dedication of our volunteers and staff. In addition to individual donors and corporate sponsors, the USO is supported by President’s Circle Partners: American Airlines, AT&T, Clear Channel, The Coca-Cola Company, JCPenney, Kangaroo Express, Kroger, Lowe’s, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Procter & Gamble, and TriWest Healthcare Alliance and Worldwide Strategic Partners: BAE Systems, The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft Corporation and TKS Telepost Kabel-Service Kaiserslautern GmbH & Co. KG. We are also supported through the United Way and Combined Federal Campaign (CFC-11381). To join us in this patriotic mission, and to learn more about the USO, please visit USO.

About Axis Global Logistics
Headquartered in Maspeth, New York, Axis Global Logistics designs and implements supply chain solutions for companies in a variety of industries. Axis specializes in sensitive, time critical shipments that require a high-degree of personal service. The company has a National Fulfillment Center in New Jersey and distribution and warehouse facilities at strategic locations across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia—along with more than 800 Axis agents worldwide. Axis Global Logistics is a contributing sponsor for the USO2GO program.

About Cadre Technologies
Cadre Technologies is a leading innovator of software for fulfillment and logistics operations, including order management, warehouse management, transportation management and activity billing. The company is based in Denver, Colorado with offices in Lenexa, Kansas and Maryland. For more information regarding Cadre Technologies, visit Cadre’s website.