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Warehouse Management Software for 3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

We Specialize in Automating Diversity

tagg adsiManaging the diverse requirements of multiple customers under a single roof (or many roofs) requires flexibility, configurability and a can-do approach.  It also requires technology that keeps each shipper’s inventory, orders and specific operational methods in sync.

Cadre’s systems manage the wide range of operations for virtually every vertical product market.  This includes specific tracking and control of products such as for temperature control (frozen and cold storage); security for high value products; serial numbers, lots date code and other tracking; inventory rotation (FIFO, LIFO, etc.); and many more product attributes.  Both Cadence WMS and Accuplus WMS feature complete activity billing capabilities that track work accomplished for each warehouse client in preparation of service invoicing.

3PLs are able to offer more value added services to create new competitive advantages and enhance profitability.

Learn how Bonded Logistics, one of our 3PL customers, uses Cadre’s WMS to boost productivity

Learn how Tagg Logistics, one of our 3PL customers, uses Cadre’s WMS and Logistyx Technologies to efficiently scale its operations for rapid growth