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Warehouse Management Software for Omni Channel and Ecommerce Fulfillment

Support All Channels as They Open

Distribution-management-(CEMS)The evolution of omni channel markets has many traditional warehouse operations scrambling to keep up. The different requirements of retail, direct to consumer fulfillment and bulk distribution make traditional systems out of date. Customers are rapidly expecting more ways to buy, receive and return products.

The change in customer behavior is dramatic; shoppers are now comfortable buying online, at a physical store, or both.  The optimal logistics facility will handle inventory, shipments and order fulfillment to all channels under the same roof.  This means that to fully serve a multichannel business you must be prepared.

Cadre focuses on providing value-added, WMS-based fulfillment systems for 3rd party logistics and distribution companies.  Our Cadence software is a flexible, extensible platform that manages the broad spectrum of logistics processes for a wide range of companies.

When you can process orders and inventory with dynamic requirements, you can say yes more often.  Cadence sets you up to be more competitive by providing flexibility and depth of solutions.

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