Cadre (n)
A tightly knit group of trained professionals around which larger organizations can be built.


It takes a Cadre to manage your warehouse and logistics.


Cadre Technologies

Cadre was formed in April 2001 by warehouse management and logistics experts with decades of experience in distribution technology. They joined together to build and deliver a powerful, unified suite of applications that integrate critical processes including order management, warehouse management, transportation management and financial management systems as well as advanced wireless communications, speech and remote computing technologies. In March 2006, Cadre Technologies and The LDS Corporation signed a merger agreement pursuant to which Cadre Technologies had acquired The LDS Corporation. The merger results in a combined company that is the largest software provider to the third-party logistics industry with more than 200 customers in North America.

The combined collection of solutions includes Cadence Integrated Supply Chain Execution, a real-time, Microsoft.NET system for 3rd party logistics and distribution; Accuplus, a comprehensive warehouse logistics system which manages warehouse operations, activity billing, inventory and shipments; and LogiView, a Microsoft .NET based hosted web application that provides real-time inventory monitoring information across multiple warehouses and shipments.

The definition of a Cadre, “A closely-knit group of highly trained professionals” is at the core of our philosophy and culture. This concept of a Cadre encompasses our entire team, carefully selected partners, investors, and most importantly, our customers. Adding value for each participant in this endeavor is critical to success.

We assume that there is always more potential within each facility, workforce and system and that most business owners are not satisfied with their current utilization of that potential. That’s why our responsibility goes beyond building, selling, installing and supporting software. We assume a “Trusted Advisor” role for our customers. It is incumbent on us to understand how businesses work, the importance of relationships (clients, customers, suppliers), and how we can continue to affect improvements in all aspects of your business. We are always on the lookout for more opportunities to help companies to succeed.

Cadre is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with major offices in Lenexa, Kansas and Ellicott City, Maryland.