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Warehouse Management Software Solutions for Any Industry

Warehouse & Inventory Management Software for Consumer & Wholesale Goods, Automotive, Food & Beverage

Cadre systems are used by a diverse customer base at hundreds of facilities.

The industry-leading software systems manage fulfillment for both in-house and third party logistics/fulfillment (3PL) operations. 

Our software is well suited for high volume order processing (thousands of orders/day), as well as smaller, custom and palletized orders.

3pl warehouse

These logistics systems manage a diversity of products including: 

There are very few product sectors that are not handled by Cadre’s logistics systems.

The diversity within our customer base covers a broad spectrum of vertical markets and product categories. Cadre can address the specific needs of different product verticals with an extreme amount of flexibility and software depth.

Through both third party logistics (3PL) and distribution customers, we encounter products that have specific needs, including: 

  • Environmental (temperature)
  • Serialization
  • Expiration
  • High value
  • Hazardous
  • And more 

We provide flexible SKU management in Cadence WMS, Accuplus and LogiView to accommodate special storing and handling processes. Different product groups also require specific order processing and shipping methods, all managed with tight control and flexibility.

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