Warehouse Inventory Management

Transforming Warehouse Operations with Cadre’s Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is a critical component of effective warehouse operations. An optimized inventory system ensures the right goods are available at the right time, enhancing customer satisfaction. Cadre’s Warehouse Inventory Management System offers these capabilities and more, integrating seamlessly into your warehouse operations to elevate productivity and accuracy.

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Barcoding and Scanning 

Automate your inventory tracking and increase accuracy with our barcoding and scanning feature.  It gives you the ability to read and use vendor supplied barcodes on incoming product receipts. This tool supports quick, efficient capturing and recording of inventory data, reducing manual errors and improving operational speed. By digitizing your warehouse inventory management, you enhance data accuracy, improve labor productivity, and streamline your overall inventory process.

Lot, Mfg. and Expiry Tracking 

Ensure product quality and safety with efficient lot, manufacturing and expiration tracking. Cadre’s Inventory Management System offers comprehensive tracking of lots and expiration dates, ensuring that expired or near-expiration goods are flagged and handled appropriately. This feature not only helps maintain product quality but also ensures regulatory compliance, particularly important for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals for recalls.

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Warehouse Slotting

This tool has been meticulously designed to help streamline and optimize the inventory storage process, improving overall operational efficiency. The Warehouse Slotting feature goes beyond mere organization; it also significantly reduces retrieval times, enhancing both productivity and customer satisfaction levels. By strategically positioning items based on their frequency of pick or seasonal demand, Cadre’s system cuts down on unnecessary movement within the warehouse, which translates into considerable time and cost savings.

Automated Inventory Adjustments

Stay on top of your inventory with automated inventory adjustments. This feature automatically updates your stock levels in real-time, minimizing human error and making inventory management more efficient. With increased accuracy in inventory counts, your warehouse staff can swiftly identify and rectify any discrepancies, ensuring smooth operations and a more streamlined receiving process in the warehouse.

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Quick and Accurate Cycle Counting

Streamline your cycle counting process with Cadre’s Warehouse Management Software. Our system supports quick and accurate cycle counting (focusing on the most important inventory first – ABC SKU analysis), freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on other key operational tasks. With this feature, you can reduce the time and resources required for cycle counting, improve accuracy, and maintain a more efficient warehouse receiving process.

Efficient Dead Stock Management

Maximize the efficiency of your inventory management with our dead stock management feature. By identifying and addressing dead stock, this feature helps to reduce financial losses and improve the overall efficiency and profitability of your warehouse operations. With efficient dead stock management, you can maintain a lean, optimized inventory that supports the smooth operation of your warehouse.

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Seamless Integration with Other Systems

Enjoy seamless integration with other systems such as order management and billing systems. Cadre’s Warehouse Inventory Management Software is designed to offer a unified view of your warehouse operations, improving overall efficiency and enabling faster, smarter decision-making. With streamlined warehouse operations, you can enhance the accuracy of order fulfillment and improve your bottom line.

Support for Multiple Warehouse Locations

Efficiently manage inventory across multiple warehouse locations with Cadre’s Warehouse Inventory Management Software. The system provides a centralized view of all your inventory, enhancing visibility, and control over stock levels across various locations. This feature ensures consistent, accurate inventory management across your entire operation, facilitating efficient order fulfillment and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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