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Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse & Supply Chain Management Software for 3PLs, Distributors, Manufacturers, eCommerce Fulfillment, & 4PLs

Making orders flow is the key to success. 

Communication is expected. Knowing what actually happened and understanding if and why there was an exception is key for successful, connected supply chains. Collaboration happens when everyone with a stake in a supply chain can easily and efficiently share information.

Boxes in motion on assembly lineCadre ties together what happens on the ground (in warehouses, docks and on the road) with information in the cloud (orders, expected delivery, distributed inventory, etc.). This includes coordination between different logistics operators (3PLs and distributors), shippers and other participants.

Cadre works with leading logistics providers to understand the requirements and expectations and then offer detailed and specific solutions. We utilize the capabilities of our warehouse management software, Cadence WMS and Accuplus WMS, along with our cloud-based visibility and execution tools in LogiView to set up collaborative processes that can be a game changer when it comes to your overall logistics flow.


With Cadre, you can customize reports and automate processes with seamless integrations in a workflow-driven environment.

The collective WMS tool set includes:

  • EDI
  • eCommerce catalogs
  • Order entry
  • Shipping execution
  • Inventory visibility
  • Interface to ERP and CRM systems, dashboards
  • Many more information based utilities