Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse & Supply Chain Management Software for 3PLs, Distributors, Manufacturers, eCommerce Fulfillment, & 4PLs

Our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) software is for distributors, 3rd party logistics companies, fulfillment companies and manufacturers that mix all flavors of retail, omnichannel and ecommerce business models.

Our customers range from very small 3PLs and distributors with only a handful of workers; to large, multi-facility enterprises, spread across several warehouses and geographic regions.

Each company has a different set of requirements, objectives and operational models. Virtually every product vertical market is represented in Cadre’s customer base. They accommodate a broad spectrum of products including:

Solutions 1 - warehouse management software

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Solutions 2 - warehouse management software

Our Warehouse Management Software is used to execute many different tasks: from traditional pallet in/pallet out retail distribution; to each picked parcel fulfillment to consumers; and combinations of both to support omnichannel logistics and fulfillment. Applications include industrial distribution, product sample fulfillment, print on-demand fulfillment, cold storage, secure and controlled environments, 4PL operations, international shipping and receiving and many hybrid applications. Our WMS technologies can be installed on premise or hosted in the cloud.  They also can be integrated with your current systems and applications including ERP/accounting systems, TMS/shipping systems, and Ecommerce shopping carts.

Cadre customers share a common need….to make their customers happy. This requires flexibility in our systems to provide users with control over changing circumstances and the ability to resolve issues as they occur. Cadre thrives on diversity and approaches it with flexibility and depth of experience to find solutions to handle a variety of requirements across your different clients or products.  Our solutions are made to grow with your business, we support a customer for life model with continuous improvement in our software and applications.