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Warehouse Management Events

The definition of a Cadre, “A closely-knit group of highly trained professionals” is at the core of our philosophy and culture. This concept of a Cadre encompasses our entire team, carefully selected partners, and most importantly, our customers. Adding value for each participant in this endeavor is critical to success.

The community of users has built collaborative networks to help each other serve customers in broader geographies. Helping each other from coast to coast adds to the value of being a Cadre customer.

We hold various events throughout the year to encourage networking and collaboration among our employees, products, customers and partners. We love hearing from our customers about how they are using our products and have different events allowing customers to share with each other. Also at these events we give them insights into upcoming product features, and share best practices.

When we welcome a new customer they become a part of our Cadre family. “Customers for Life” is more than a marketing slogan, as we want to help our customer’s businesses grow as well as continue to innovate our software to keep up with that growth and industry trends.

Customer Community 1 - Warehouse Management Events

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Customer Community 2 - Warehouse Management Events

Cadre User Conference

Cadre’s user community meets every 18 months at its User Conference. This event is in collaboration with FOG Software Group (FOG is an operating group of Constellation Software, our parent company). The customers of all the FOG Software Group companies are invited. The meeting is an opportunity to share updates to Cadre’s products and services while providing an interactive forum for the exchange of ideas between customers, partners and Cadre personnel.

Cadre has hosted its user conference since 2003. It has been an important collaborative event between customers, partners and company personnel.

Boot Camps

We hold boot camp training twice a year for new employees, new customers, or employees wanting a refresher on our software products. This also encourages networking and sharing amongst our customers


We hold quarterly webinars to share new product features, upgrades, best practices, or partner products. Allowing time for customers to ask questions and we also offer a customer portal for customers to access past webinars.