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Warehouse Management Software

Keep up with Dynamic Omni-channel Demands

Operational efficiency is one of the most effective ways to maintain and grow profit margins. Distributors are continually challenged to improve logistics operations to adapt to the dynamic demands of omni-channel markets.
WMSworkerCadence WMS supports manufacturing in most vertical markets with comprehensive management of finished goods distribution to retail, distributors and other trading partners. Additionally, Cadence is well suited for the raw materials warehouse and delivery of product to the manufacturing line.

Cadre’s systems are built to enhance productivity, accuracy and keep up with increased volume of orders, SKUs and retail requirements such as compliant labeling, EDI and best practices.

Both Cadence WMS and LogiView add new levels of operational infrastructure that provide better visibility, enhanced workflow and increased throughput with fewer labor resources.

Cadre supports a broad scope of product verticals including food and beverage (dry, fresh, frozen and cold); consumer goods, high-tech/electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, food service, product samples, books & publications, and many more.

Cadre systems provide open data interaction to successfully integrate with ERP systems, EDI platforms, transportation systems and material handling systems.