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Cadre Warehouse Management System Solutions

We’re not scared of anything. We have tackled some of the more diverse and demanding logistics challenges to provide solid solutions, including warehouse management systems, supply chain visibility and third-party logistics software. We help turn chaos into productivity. We can do it for you.

Jumping through a different set of hoops for each client in real-time requires flexible, configurable technology to keep everything in-sync and on-time.

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Increase margins and expand your business by keeping people, products, and orders moving in the right direction.

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Online and in-store options have increased complexity in warehouses. You now need to ship pallets, cartons and parcels for more SKUs.

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Step up to the leadership position by bridging IT competency gaps between disparate participants in complex supply chains.

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Leadership from a cadre of experienced professionals. From strategy and finance to marketing and software development, our ‘cadre’ is a strong group of highly experienced strategic, financial, technology and marketing professionals.

John Cardot Testimonial

“Cadence WMS is one of the most open systems for integration with other technologies. It is the foundation to tailor and customize applications that provides the competitive technologic advantage that Sonwil enjoys today. This advantage has enabled Sonwil to deliver premier services to our clients.”

John Cardot | Director - Technology Services Group, Sonwil Distribution Centers, Buffalo, NY

Stephen Young Testimonial

“We’ve used Cadre products for quite some time now.  Their willingness to work with us to customize and connect to other systems and provide seamless solutions for our customers through their online tools has been invaluable.  Logiview has been a cornerstone of our logistics platform for many years.”

Stephen Young | Director, Supply Chain Solutions, ABF LogisticsSM , An ArcBest Company, Fort Smith, AR

Dave Jesse Testimonial

“Cadence WMS provides us real time data to allow us to monitor our daily activities in all of our warehouses.   It has provided us the visibility to flex our staff across our network and also provides our clients the transparency they want into our daily operations.”

Dave Jesse | COO, Bonded Logistics, Charlotte, NC

Paul Delp Testimonial

“Cadre’s software allows us to meet the changing requirements of our warehouse clients and helps us remain competitive with new opportunities. The people are great to work with because they are responsive and understand our business.”

Paul Delp | President, Lansdale Warehouse Company, Lansdale, PA

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