Cadre Technologies is Gold Medalist in SoftwareReviews Best WMS

SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, evaluates user feedback to rank vendors on product features, vendor interaction, likeliness to recommend, and vendor experience. Info-Tech Research Group is a world-class IT research and consulting firm that was established in 1997. The leading vendors can receive Data Quadrant Gold Medals if their net-promoter scores reveal high user satisfaction. Also included in this evaluation is the aggregated emotional response toward the vendor, its employees, and software including strategy and innovation.

In the Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) category Cadre’s Cadence WMS ranked number two with an overall score of 8.1, an emotional footprint score of 82 and an 87% likeliness to recommend. The overall vendor scores ranged from 7.3 to 8.6. Cadre’s Cadence Warehouse Management System is designed for 3PL’s, distributors, and manufacturers with complex operations including multiple warehouses and customers in a variety of product verticals.

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