Warehouse Cycle Counting

Accelerate Warehouse Cycle Counting with our WMS Software

Maintaining inventory accuracy is a crucial aspect of efficient warehouse operations. Miscounts can lead to costly errors and disruptions. Cadre’s Cycle Count Software provides a systematic and automated solution for your cycle count procedures, ensuring precise inventory data and minimizing discrepancies. Boost your warehouse accuracy and operational efficiency with our robust cycle counting solution.

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Automated Cycle Counts

Manual counting can be a tedious and error-prone process. Cadre’s RF based Cycle Count Software automates cycle counts, eliminating the chances of human error and streamlining the counting process. This leads to considerable time savings and ensures more accurate and reliable inventory data, thus driving more efficient warehouse operations.

Real-Time Inventory Updates 

Real-time inventory updates are critical to maintain an accurate understanding of stock levels, which in turn, supports optimal order fulfillment and procurement processes. Cadre’s Cycle Count Software provides real-time inventory data, ensuring that you have up-to-the-minute, accurate information to make informed decisions about your warehouse operations.

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Scheduled Counts 

Every warehouse operates differently and has unique needs when it comes to cycle counting. Cadre’s Cycle Count Software allows you to customize your cycle count schedules as per your specific requirements, ensuring you have the most accurate and current inventory data when you need it.

Inventory Discrepancy Alerts 

Inventory discrepancies can lead to severe issues such as stockouts or overstocks. With Cadre’s Cycle Count Software, you get instant alerts when discrepancies are detected, enabling quick action and resolution to maintain inventory accuracy and avoid potential operational disruptions.

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Customizable Counting Criteria 

Every warehouse has unique needs when it comes to inventory management. Recognizing this, Cadre’s Cycle Count Software allows you to set your counting criteria based on your specific requirements. Prioritize high-value or fast-moving items with tailored count frequencies, enabling strategic resource allocation. This feature ensures efficient cycle counts and improved inventory accuracy.

Efficient Discrepancy Resolution 

Our software offers a smart discrepancy resolution feature that provides guided workflows to streamline the process of discrepancy identification and rectification. This function rapidly addresses discrepancies, ensuring inventory records are accurate and reliable, contributing to smoother operations. It reduces resolution times and the potential for errors that could arise from manual handling.

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Barcode/RF Compatibility 

Our warehouse cycle counting solution integrates seamlessly with barcode and RF technologies, enhancing both the accuracy and speed of your inventory counts. This compatibility ensures swift scanning and precise data entry, minimizing the likelihood of counting errors and expediting the inventory counting process. The result is heightened operational efficiency and more reliable inventory data for improved decision-making.

Adjustment Tracking 

Inventory adjustments can lead to substantial discrepancies if not properly tracked. Cadre’s Cycle Count Software provides a comprehensive tracking system using user defined reason codes, creating a transparent and auditable record of all inventory changes. This feature assists in maintaining accurate inventory records and facilitates a more transparent and efficient auditing process.

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