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The choices consumers now have, both online and in retail, are driving increased complexity in the warehouse.

Omni Channel logistics is the evolution of eCommerce and retail competition. In order to capture market share lost to eCommerce, retailers have added online shopping, in-store eCommerce, returns to local stores and many other hybrid customer service models. The result is an increased demand for warehouse flexibility to service ALL channels simultaneously. That means that your logistics operations capture orders from all channels (shopping cart integration, retail stores, shippers) and is also prepared to ship to all of those channels using ecommerce fulfillment software.

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Increasing Demand for eCommerce Shopping

As more eCommerce sales channels are being added, shippers are now expected to complete multi-channel fulfillment and distribution services. Selling online is not only an opportunity; it’s also a competitive requirement.

At the same time, those shippers must serve traditional retail distribution markets with new efficiency. The challenge of fulfilling all these channels is now being passed onto 3rd party logistics service providers who need to expand their capabilities to provide complete supply chain services to their clients.

The change in customer behavior is dramatic; shoppers are now comfortable buying online, at a physical store, or both. The optimal logistics facility will handle inventory, shipments, and order fulfillment to all channels under the same roof. This means that to fully serve a multi-channel business you must be prepared.

Cadre focuses on providing value-added, WMS-based fulfillment systems for 3rd party logistics and distribution companies. Our eCommerce fulfillment software is on a flexible, extensible platform that manages the broad spectrum of logistics processes for a wide range of companies.

When you can process orders and inventory with dynamic requirements, you can say yes more often. Cadence sets you up to be more competitive by providing flexibility and depth of solutions.