Warehouse Management & Logistics Systems WMS

Connecting Warehouse Managers, Executives, and IT

What They Do and Where They Are Determines the Interface.

Cadre’s WMS and logistics systems reach many different types of people in a diversity of roles. How they use and interact with the system determines the appropriate connections and devices. Users access the warehouse system with the device most appropriate for their jobs and work environment:

  • Warehouse workers utilize mobile, wireless computers equipped with scanners and interactive browsers.
  • Managers manage and control activity with desktop and web-based applications.
  • Executives monitor progress and results through dashboard reports and notifications.
  • Customers interact with the WMS via a web-based control system and dashboards which give them a view into the ‘transparent’ warehouses.
  • Trading partners (retailers, suppliers, carriers, manufacturers) via electronic data transfer (EDI).
  • IT managers can focus on operational matters when the infrastructure is managed in the cloud.

Cadre provides information and interactivity to help everyone do their jobs more effectively. Warehouse workers know where to go and what to do while providing automatic updates, as work happens. It helps managers make better decisions, based on real-time updates about incoming orders, inventory, schedules and events.

By Job Role 3 - warehouse management & logistics