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Warehouse Management System (WMS) Training

Training Programs to get Everyone up to Speed

System and user training are essential to the successful operation and personalization of a new system. With Cadre, IT personnel and users are given formal training and hands-on system test-drives of the new Cadence Fulfillment software.

Training materials are provided so that Cadre Technologies can train new personnel without scheduled training sessions. Training is available both in classroom sessions at a Cadre Technologies facility and on-site at the customer location.

Teaching a SeminarBOOT CAMPS

Twice a year Cadre offers a Cadence Boot Camp and an Accuplus Boot Camp to its customers that are new to the application or users who want to fill gaps in system knowledge, backup personnel, etc.


Every 18 months, Cadre along with FOG Software Group hosts a user conference. Customers from all the FOG Software Group companies are invited. The conference is over a few days and includes group sessions, activities and sessions geared towards specific operations or products. It allows customers to learn about upcoming products and learn more about current features and best practices. It also gives attendees a chance to network with other customers and see how other companies are using the products.