Harness Advanced Putaway Strategies with Cadre’s Warehouse Management Software

Step into the future of efficient warehouse management with Cadre’s putaway software. As a crucial part of our comprehensive WMS, this solution gives you access to cutting-edge putaway strategies that ensure optimal space utilization and seamless warehouse operations. Benefit from the efficiency of directed putaway, minimizing the time, resources, and potential for errors in your processes. Our software is not just about managing stock placement; it’s about utilizing smart technology to drive operational efficiency and profitability.

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Inventory Prioritization 

Cadre’s putaway software empowers you with the ability to prioritize inventory based on factors such as demand, perishability, or sales velocity. This prioritization helps in determining where items are placed in your warehouse, ensuring optimal space usage and enhancing operational productivity. With our software, your most important items will always be in the most accessible locations, reducing picking times and improving customer service.

SKU Consolidation 

Improve your warehouse space utilization and make it easier to manage inventory with our SKU consolidation feature. Our putaway software helps group identical SKUs in one designated location. This not only streamlines the picking process but also enhances inventory visibility and accuracy.

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Flexible Configurations 

Cadre’s putaway software is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that every warehouse has unique operational needs and challenges. That’s why our software offers flexible configurations, allowing you to tailor the system to meet your specific requirements and operational goals.

Temperature-Controlled Items Management 

Certain items require special care and temperature-controlled storage. Cadre’s putaway software allows you to designate special zones or environments within your warehouse for these temperature-sensitive items. By ensuring these items’ quality is preserved during storage, our software helps you avoid spoilage, reduce waste, and maintain customer satisfaction.

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Automated Data Capture 

Eliminate errors and improve data reliability with Cadre’s automated data capture function through mobile RF scanners. Integrated into our putaway software, this feature significantly minimizes manual data entry and the potential for human error. With automated data capture, your inventory and putaway information becomes more accurate, ensuring a robust and reliable foundation for your decision-making processes, improving overall operational efficiency.

Directed Putaway Strategy 

Cadre’s putaway software facilitates the implementation of a directed putaway strategy. This feature allows you to define rules based on a variety of factors including product size, weight, and demand. By automating storage location assignments, you optimize warehouse space utilization, reducing waste and improving organization.

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