Cold Storage Software

WMS for Temperature Control, Tracking, and Reporting

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

The cold storage industry has unique requirements that other storage facilities do not need to manage. Temperature controlled environments are more costly in nature and the right software is required to accommodate these circumstances and the goods being managed. Not just any basic WMS software will do.

Cold Storage Software Features:

  • Support Quality Initiatives – Hold & Release Statuses
  • Class/Status Changes & Recall
  • Zones & Environmental Codes
  • Traceability – Enhanced Visibility
  • Yard Management
  • Vessel Inspection

Green Warehouse

Our cold storage software solution is a state-of-the-art robust Warehouse Management System (WMS), providing 24/7 access to inventory information and complete piece-of-mind to your customers. Food Safety is paramount, and with tracking, tracing and recall built into accounts for 100% of inventory by item, lot number and other attributes within seconds! The latest wireless technologies are used to ensure efficient and accurate operations. Capable of being completely paperless. Our cold storage WMS enables tremendous boosts in productivity.

Cadre’s team is experienced!

Our customer experience means that we have what it takes to run your business successfully from day one. With an option to deploy On-Premise or using our hosted model, we can handle your cold storage needs. You’ll be able to track all inventory movement regardless of unit of measure as it moves through the facility. Environment codes, zones, and classes enable the storage of product in designated areas to ensure proper handling.

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