ColdPoint Logistics Continues Aggressive Growth with Cadence WMS & LogiView

ColdPoint transforms the traditional refrigerated logistics business model with strategic location, efficient facilities and advanced, real-time warehouse management technology.

ColdPoint Logistics has implemented Cadre Technologies’ Cadence Warehouse Management System and LogiView Visibility to help manage the pace of its rapid ascent in temperature-controlled logistics services. The company has put together an innovative business model based on its proximity to the Logistics Park Kansas City in Edgerton, Kansas. Its direct to rail facilities nearly eliminates truck traffic and reduces West Coast port congestion, providing significant cost savings for its customers.

Cadence and LogiView will help manage all phases of inventory movement in real-time to provide new levels of accuracy and efficiency. Cadence is a full-featured, flexible WMS that tracks inbound, outbound and stored inventory within the business while LogiView extends visibility to customers, shippers and other stakeholders in the supply chain as well as EDI connectivity.

“Cadence is providing new levels of collaboration and flexibility in our operations to meet our aggressive goals for growth,” explained Phil Ehret, IT Manager at ColdPoint. “The versatility and scalability of both Cadence and LogiView helps manage the fast pace set by our customer base.”

Cadre’s systems manage a wide range of operations for virtually every vertical product market including specific tracking and control of products in frozen and cold storage facilities. It manages varying requirements and individual operations for multiple clients in hundreds of 3rd party (3PLs) warehouses and product distribution companies.

“We are pleased to have ColdPoint join our growing list of innovative customers,” said Daryl Grove, Executive Vice President of Operations at Cadre. “Cadre is proud to contribute to the success of such a ground-breaking business.”

ColdPoint Logistics Continues Aggressive Growth with Implementation of Cadre’s Cadence WMS and LogiView Inventory Visibility Solution 1 - Real time Warehouse Management Software

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ColdPoint Logistics Continues Aggressive Growth with Implementation of Cadre’s Cadence WMS and LogiView Inventory Visibility Solution 2 - Real time Warehouse Management Software

About ColdPoint Logistics
ColdPoint Logistics is reinventing the global fresh food farm to fork movement. Led by international food manufacturing and supply chain industry experts, ColdPoint leverages decades of experience and its location in the heart of America’s breadbasket to deliver a simple yet innovative technology-driven solution for storing, shipping and transloading agricultural products. Located at LPKC, close to the source of food production, ColdPoint’s approach allows cargo owners and shippers to reduce the number of transloads required, which decreases trucking mileage and pollution, eliminates reliance on cold storage at port facilities and cuts domestic drayage. For more information, visit or call 913.229.3800. ColdPoint is an affiliate of NorthPoint Development, the master developer of Logistics Park Kansas City.

About Cadre Technologies
Cadre Technologies is a leading innovator of software for fulfillment and logistics operations including warehouse management, transportation management and online collaboration. Products include Accuplus 3rd Party Logistics WMS; LogiView, SaaS based supply chain control tower; and Cadence Warehouse Management System. The company is based in Denver, Colorado with offices in Lenexa, Kansas and Baltimore, Maryland. Cadre is a FOG Software Group company, part of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU). For more information, visit