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Food & Beverage

Inventory Management & Visibility Software

Track Everything from Receipt to Final Delivery

Food-thickenerFood and beverage products are usually on a fast track through your warehouse.  Tracking expiration dates, lot numbers and environmental conditions are absolute requirements.  Picking the right lot and providing visibility are only a couple of the tasks that you need to perform.  In the event of a recall, you need to be able to track all events of specific lots from the time they were received, all the way through outbound shipment and receipt at the store.

Cadre’s systems provide detailed SKU information and rules to ensure that products are stored at the right temperatures and picked within acceptable date ranges.

Key functions for Food and Beverage:

  • Detailed, flexible date/lot tracking and expiration date tracking
  • Recall and containment management
  • Inventory and shipment visibility via web
  • EDI connectivity


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