Four Trends in Global Logistics: Part 4

Here is the fourth trend in this four part series.

Trend #4: Same-Day and On-Demand Delivery

The delivery landscape is rapidly changing. The right software can help operators improve delivery times in real time. Consumer demand has already pushed the demand for same-day delivery (1-12 hours), which is forcing the supply chain to adjust.

On-demand delivery is the next step in this evolution. A few start-ups have disrupted delivery expectations by promising an almost instant delivery of items. These currently exist in dense urban centers involving the prepared-food category. However, on-demand delivery is expected to reach a broader market as supply chain operators address this model’s limitations and adopt a more cost-efficient, network-based consolidation model of warehousing.

One thing is certain: On-demand delivery will make consumers want more. People conditioned to receive items fast may expect the same service when shopping for other personal items. Brick-and-mortar stores that have already established a foothold in city centers have the advantage. Not only do they have the proximity to these customers, but they also may have the warehouse capability to accommodate what they want fast.

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