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WMS for Warehouse Managers

Giving you Real Time Information and Updates

From the time inventory enters the door until it leaves as filled orders, you need to handle a wide spectrum of details. You need to oversee tasks, processes and schedules to keep up.

Since change happens in real-time, your Warehouse Management System (WMS) needs to keep everything happening in real-time and keep you informed every step of the way.

You need to dispatch workers to receive, put-away, pick, replenish and package shipments and get them out of the door, while doing these steps efficiently and accurately. This includes keeping track of who did what, when and where…in real time.

Warehouse managers need to establish operations that optimize labor, space and time. Each of your customers’ expectations are met by setting up processes to manage workflow. Since each customer or client will have different needs, you need to be able to adjust resources and tasks to fulfill those unique demands. Our systems can be tailored to your industry, products, and customers’ needs. Also, with seamless integrations to ERP/Accounting software, transportation software (TMS), and Ecommerce platforms so operations run smoothly and offering visibility through the whole process.

A warehouse manager needs to be alerted to changing conditions, exceptions, and problems either before or when they occur in order to avoid consequences of missed shipments and unhappy customers. Operational data from the systems is critical to report what happened and to improve future operations. A management portal allows you to oversee operations, generate reports and analytics, and setup alerts so you stay informed in real-time.

Cadre’s solutions gives you the tools you need to be self-sufficient through technology to on-board new customers and make operational improvements. But rest assured, we’re here to help when the need arises.

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