User-conferenceThe conference was kicked off by Joe Peters with an overview of Cadre and logistics industry developments including relief of congestion at West Coast shipping ports, empty containers shipping to China and retailers offering free returns, despite high costs. The perennial issue of excess safety stock in the supply chain was discussed by Cadre’s Chairman Don Kirkpatrick. Safety stock issues have changed with market trends including offshore manufacturing, omnichannel demands and same/next day delivery. But, according to Kirkpatrick, the excess inventory continues to lock up billions of dollars in non-productive assets. Reducing safety stock is possible with persistent monitoring and forecasting of lead-times and warehouse inventory performance.

The competitive advantage of integration between warehouse companies and the extended supply chains was a topic covered by Cadre’s VP of Supply Chain Services, Bobby Kaemmer. With new methods of electronic communication between supply chain trading partners, benefits include lower costs, increased accuracy, lower inventory levels and space requirements.

Among the emerging technologies was StockIQ, an inventory planning and forecasting system, demonstrated by guest presenter, StockIQ CEO Jake Latham. The browser based system utilizes warehouse operations data to provide analytics of inventory movement, stratification and utilization.

Cadre reviewed the current status of its products including a perspective on releases of Cadence WMS and LogiView along with future product road maps. Cadre’s Accuplus WMS is now available in the cloud. Users were shown how Cadre’s partner, ViaWest hosts the system.

A new product from Cadre’s multicarrier shipping partner, ADSI, was demonstrated. The DeliverIT™ product is now available to capture signatures for both route deliveries and bills of lading at the warehouse door. ADSI also discussed new hardware to capture dimensional information for packages and pallets to control dimension and weight based pricing by parcel carriers.

Two panel discussions led by customers provided open dialog on the topics of training and on-boarding of new customers. The panels were led by customer representatives and Cadre’s Advisory Council.

Customer presentations were made by John Cardot of Sonwil Distribution (Buffalo, NY) who discussed integration and operation of technologies beyond the WMS. These included linking systems for video security, door access monitors, temperature controls, accounting, and time and attendance systems. Bill Woods from Dependable Distribution (Los Angeles, CA) presented a new labor monitoring system to capture performance information for non-WMS controlled activities.

Nick Yorchak, CEO of Big Footprint Digital presented 7 Mission-critical Digital Tactics for 2016. The SEO update covered the important steps to increase website traffic with keyword optimization, local market visibility and web design that is responsive to mobile devices including tablets and cell phones.

Cadre has hosted its user conference since 2003. It has been an important collaborative event between customers, partners and company personnel.