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Published on 09/04/2015 in Uncategorized

CadreTech Will Showcase Cadence WMS at Promat

Cadre Technologies, a leading innovator of software systems, will present its Cadence WMS platform at the ProMat Show in Chicago, March 23-26. The system is built to manage high volume, complex and diverse logistics and fulfillment operations for omni-channel fulfillment for 3PLs and distributors.

Cadre will discuss how the system, and its best of breed partner extensions, can set up facilities to perform specific tasks for the new demands of eCommerce, retail and dynamic channel distribution. Cadence is built to manage different business models within a single instance of the system in multiple locations or a single facility.

“Every customer has a different set of requirements for each of their clients that need specific rules, environment and workflow,” explained Daryl Grove, executive VP at Cadre. “Cadence is set up to manage unique processing rules at the client, SKU and customer levels. This is essential in omni-channels when the same product needs to ship in different units of measure to different channels.”

Cadence manages everything in the warehouse from initial inventory receipt to final shipment, including receiving, location management, inventory, order processing, picking, packing, shipping, reporting and a host of other functions.

The system is augmented by best of breed partners and solutions for EDI, multi-carrier shipping and hosting management. Partners include SPS Commerce for integration with retail and shipper networks; ADSI for parcel shipping and ViaWest for cloud-based hosting.

“The best of breed partner extensions to Cadence provide an end-to-end capability that spans all activities that occur from the time an order is entered until it is delivered,” Grove explained. “The scope of the system also extends from a 3PL or distribution company in multiple channels including pallets and cartons to retail and individual parcels to consumers, all from the same warehouse system.”

Cadre will exhibit at ProMat in booth 4871 in the Center for Technology (IT) Solutions.

About Cadre Technologies
Cadre Technologies is a leading provider of warehouse management software for fulfillment, logistics and manufacturing companies and is the largest software provider to the third party logistics (3PL) industry in North America. Cadre deliver warehouse management and logistics visibility tools including: Cadence WMS and Fulfillment System; Accuplus WMS; and LogiView Visibility and Integration. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with locations in Lenexa, Kansas and Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more about Cadre Technologies at https://cadretech2.wpengine.com/.