Friedman Corporation, a division of Vela Software International, has completed the acquisition of Cadre Technologies.

Cadre is headquartered in Denver Colorado and maintains satellite offices in Lenexa, Kansas and Ellicott City, Maryland. Cadre specializes in software solutions for third-party logistics and fulfillment enterprises, and has a comprehensive software portfolio which includes warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems (TMS), and supply chain event management (SCEM) applications. With over 200 customers, Cadre is the primary provider of software solutions to the North American 3PL and fulfillment market.

As a result of the acquisition, the Cadre business will operate as an independent subsidiary of Friedman’s Friedman Operating Group (FOG), and will continue to develop, enhance, service, and support their software solutions in order to provide a competitive edge to its customers. The Cadre business will be formally known as Cadre Software Inc., but will continue to use the “Cadre Technologies” corporate identity. Mark Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Friedman, commented “The acquisition of Cadre strengthens our presence in third-party logistics market sector, and adds depth to our supply-chain management solution offerings.”

Joe Peters, Chief Executive Officer of Cadre, adds “Being part of the Friedman Operating Group provides strong corporate support with access to resources and expertise that will allow Cadre to continue to enhance products, grow markets and provide first-class service to our customers.”

About Friedman Corporation

Friedman Corporation is headquartered in Deerfield, IL and is a division of Vela Software International, Inc. Friedman Corporation specializes in complete ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors of “make to order” and “engineer to order” products in the building products, capital equipment, and automotive sectors. The Friedman Operating group also has a complementary portfolio of software
offerings for transportation management, material optimization, supply-chain management, multi-channel merchant and direct-to-consumer distribution.

About Vela Software International, Inc.

Vela Software is a global provider of software solutions to a number of vertical industries. As an Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc., Vela acquires, manages, and builds specific software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions. Vela companies invest in becoming leaders in their industries to better serve their customers. We help companies improve their
operations, grow through organic initiatives, and seek acquisitions that can strengthen their market position.

About Constellation Software Inc.

Constellation’s common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “CSU”. Constellation acquires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses. Further information about Constellation may be obtained from the company’s web site at

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