Accuplus 3PL Warehouse Management Software

The Most Used WMS for 3PL

Accuplus™ Warehouse Management System (WMS) software is the 3rd Party Logistics industry’s mainstay warehouse system. Accuplus is a comprehensive, easy to use software package for managing 3rd Party warehouse operations. Accuplus 3PL WMS features the ability to manage multiple warehouses, customers, products, rates, carriers, consignees, inbound receipts, bills of lading, and much more. Accuplus produces reports of inventory, activity, plus a wide variety of management, customer, and product specific information.  The system can be installed on premise or hosted in the cloud.

Accuplus has a variety of base system and optional subsystem features that fit the needs of a small to medium sized warehouse facility. Accuplus has been tested with over 20,000 customers at hundreds of storage sites and is the result of 30+ years of industry experience. Driven by user group and customer requests, the Accuplus Development Team is constantly upgrading the product to ensure that it meets the demands of the 3rd Party Logistics Industry.

Accuplus WMS 2 - 3pl warehouse management software

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Accuplus WMS 3 - 3pl warehouse management software

Optional System Modules Include:

  • LogiView – customer visibility and event management
  • Radio Frequency
  • Bar Code
  • Distributor/Broker
  • EDI
  • Freight Management
  • Haz/Mat
  • Inter Pack
  • Kitting
  • Event Scheduling
  • TMS Interfaces
  • Small Parcel Interface
  • Accounts Receivable and Sales
  • Accounting System Interfaces
  • Roll Paper Tracking

Learn about C&M Forwarding, our 3PL customer, that implements Accuplus to help streamline operations