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Logistyx Technologies Multi-Carrier Shipping & Logistics System

Delivery is everything. That’s why Cadre has partnered with Logistyx Technologies (formerly ADSI – Advanced Distribution Systems, Inc.) to integrate Logistyx Technologies’ Ship-IT multi-carrier parcel system with Cadence.

Ship-IT is a multi-carrier shipping and logistics solution used to compare rates, track packages and automatically generate domestic and international shipping documents. Ship-IT reduces shipping errors, increases labor savings, and builds customer service excellence.

Cadence and Ship-IT work together by exchanging information on orders, rates, labels, schedules and tracking to execute and complete shipments. The systems automate rating, manifesting, labeling and shipping for parcel and LTL carriers. It can streamline high volume throughput for both domestic and international shipments.

Logistyx Technologies Carrier Library for Multi-Carrier Shipping
Ship-IT makes it much easier to manage carriers. Logistyx Technologies’ long standing relationship with the shipping industry’s leading carriers provides a comprehensive library of domestic and international carriers for small parcel, less then truckload and postal shipping.

With Ship-IT, users can automatically compare carriers for rates, routes and delivery options, generate domestic and international shipping documents, manage AESDirect filing, with a touch of a button, easily recall customer address and order information, and track packages in real time- all from a single shipping solution.

Pick/ Pack/ Ship
The systems integration pulls together:

  • Cadence WMS functionality for Order and Pick management
  • Cadence PackStation application for the creation of shippable packages, packing and order confirmation
  • Logistyx Technologies Ship-IT software to create carrier certified shipments, tracking information and billing
  • Itemized costing information

Once an order is completed using the eFulfillment processes, Cadence provides the immediate access and notification to patented tracking information through either internet web lookups, email notifications or through the use of mobile device text messages.

Shipping Label Picking
The picking process can also be directed by shipping labels, printed in batch which combines shipping and packing information (SKU, quantity, and location) so that pickers can prepare orders directly into pre-labeled parcel boxes.

SKU Picking
SKU picking also combines shipping and picking information for full case-picks where case weight and dimensions are available in the Cadence SKU Master.

Cartonization / Box Building
Cadence includes cube/weight information to facilitate box sizing and content placement. This can be utilized along with Shipping Label Picking mode to assist in container selection.