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Cadence Event Management System (CEMS)

Warehouse Management Logistics System

Set up tasks to automatically occur when specific key events happen in the warehouse.  The warehouse won’t run itself, but you can set up routines and event triggers to automatically execute specific workflows. The Cadence Event Management System (CEMS) is a task level configuration utility that creates rhythm in the warehouse.

CEMS expands the real-time power of Cadence by automating the initiation of alerts, instructions, and operational events.

It allows Cadence to be tailored to fit your requirements without requiring software development that changes the core application…thus allowing you to easily move forward with new releases of Cadence in the future.

When a specific event occurs (such as the receipt of a product in demand) another event is triggered (such as a putaway to a “pickable” location to fulfill the demand order). Subsequent events can be triggered on the completion of an expected event or an alert.

Event Management helps managers increase productivity by planning a series of desired outcomes and then setting up an automated set of triggers and alerts required to accomplish a wider scope of work.

  • Extend the standard functional capabilities within the application based on specific client or customer requests without custom development to the software.
  • Create standard Microsoft SQL Server database procedures to launch desired events. For example, when a truck leaves the dock, trigger an automated advance ship notice (ASN) to notify interested parties of the shipment.
  • Broadcast to customer-configured ‘listeners’ to interpret system events and act upon them appropriately. Listeners are software components that wait for system broadcast messages from Cadence and create actionable events.