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4PL Logistics Software

Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Within every network of logistics there are widely varying degrees of IT competencies.

Each trading partner (manufacturer, distributor, warehouse, retailer, carrier, etc) has different systems and staff. Overcoming the diverse technical competencies between members in a supply chain community is an absolute requirement.

The more capable you are, the more opportunities you can get.

4th Party Logistics companies (Lead Logistics Providers) manage networks of warehouses, carriers and trading partners to help national and global shippers to monitor and execute transactions, shipments and inventory positioning across a broad geographic spectrum.

Centralized View of Shipments and Inventory

Visibility SystemsLogiView is a supply chain visibility and execution system developed by Cadre that ties multiple geographically dispersed inventory and warehouses together in order to create a centralized view of supply chains. The system can interact with multiple 3PLs, carriers, partners, and WMS systems to provide a comprehensive repository for the control  and management of geographically dispersed inventories. Other supply chain systems including purchasing, manufacturing, retail and transportation systems can be sources of information to manage the entire spectrum of activity and performance.

LogiView’s hosted deployment allows for effective collection and presentation of information from disparate systems to create a strategic and tactical perspective.

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