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Illuminating Excellence through Supply Chain Visibility Tools

Welcome to the LogiView feature showcase, where the unparalleled synergy of simplicity and advanced technology culminates in a tool that propels your supply chain into a realm of unbridled visibility and control.

Designed meticulously for 3PL, 4PL, Retail, Distribution, Ecommerce, LogiView promises to be your beacon in the intricate maze of supply chain management, ensuring every move, from inventory management to order fulfillment, is not merely observed, but profoundly optimized. Let’s explore the features that stand as the stalwarts behind LogiView’s triumph as a revolutionary supply chain visibility tool.

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Aggregate View of Inventory

Dive into a consolidated panorama of your entire inventory across various locations and stages in the supply chain with LogiView’s aggregate view feature. By centralizing inventory data from multiple sources into a single, unified view, LogiView enables businesses to gain insightful and comprehensive visibility into their stock levels, ensuring accurate, timely, and informed inventory management and procurement decisions.

Order Management

With LogiView, order management transcends to new levels of precision and control, offering a thorough oversight of every order from initiation to fulfillment. The platform not only meticulously tracks order progress but also integrates with various systems to ensure inventory, shipping, and delivery are harmoniously synchronized. This ensures accurate, efficient, and customer-centric order processing, contributing directly to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Track Shipments

Ensure impeccable delivery accuracy and timeliness with LogiView’s robust shipment tracking feature. Offering real-time insights into the status and location of all shipments, the platform enables businesses to promise and deliver exceptional service to their customers. Moreover, this comprehensive visibility into shipments also provides valuable data for evaluating carrier performance and optimizing logistics strategies.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay perpetually informed and preemptively address potential issues with LogiView’s real-time alerts. The platform meticulously monitors various supply chain parameters, instantly notifying stakeholders of any deviations or issues, ensuring that timely and effective action can be taken. This not only mitigates risks but also ensures consistent, uninterrupted supply chain performance.

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Event Monitoring

LogiView’s event monitoring equips you with the capability to keenly observe, record, and analyze significant events throughout your supply chain. From inventory movements to order fulfillments, every event is meticulously logged and made available for analytics, ensuring you possess the insights required to continually refine and optimize your supply chain strategies and operations.

Document Storage

Elevate your document management with LogiView’s secure, organized, and accessible document storage functionality. Not only does it facilitate effortless storage and retrieval of vital documents, but it also ensures that they are securely stored and readily available for stakeholders whenever required. Whether it’s safety data sheets, bills of lading, or photos, LogiView ensures your data is safe, structured, and synchronized.

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The collaboration feature of LogiView eradicates silos, enabling seamless interaction and data sharing among teams, departments, and external partners. A unified platform that facilitates coherent communication and shared visibility, LogiView ensures that all stakeholders can work harmoniously towards collective supply chain goals. Through centralized data and interactive functionalities, collaborative decision-making becomes not just possible, but powerfully effective.

Easy to Use

Navigate the intricacies of your supply chain with ease and intuition with LogiView’s user-friendly interface and intelligent design. Engineered with user experience at the forefront, LogiView eliminates the complexity, enabling users of all technological proficiencies to manage, analyze, and optimize their supply chain effortlessly. From a clean, intuitive dashboard to straightforward functionalities, simplicity and efficiency are interwoven throughout every facet of LogiView.

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User-Based Security

LogiView embeds stringent, user-based security protocols, ensuring that every user interaction with the platform is secure, controlled, and auditable. By enabling customized access rights and ensuring secure data interaction, LogiView not only protects sensitive supply chain data but also ensures that the right stakeholders (whether it be a CEO, warehouse manager, or customer) have the right level of access, ensuring both security and functionality.

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