Supply Chain Visibility Tailored to Your Industry

Navigating the Complex World of Supply Chain Management

In the intricate tapestry of the modern supply chain, each industry persona plays a unique and crucial role. Recognizing the distinct challenges, aspirations, and operational nuances of each sector, LogiView presents solutions tailored to your industry’s heartbeat.

Explore how we refine supply chain visibility, ensuring each industry not only meets its demands but also innovates, optimizes, and thrives.

Whether you’re a 3PL, 4PL, Retailer, Ecommerce Fulfillment Center, Distributor, Manufacturer, Vendor or Supplier discover a solution meticulously crafted for your specific needs.

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3rd Party Logistics Providers (3PL)

Empowering Logistic Excellence

Third-party logistics providers face the daunting challenge of managing multiple clients, each with unique requirements and expectations. LogiView provides a tailored solution for 3PL’s, allowing them to:

  • Client-Centric Transparency: Offer each of your clients a customized, transparent view of their goods in transit, storage conditions, and expected delivery times.
  • Aggregate View Across Warehouses: Inventory visibility across all your warehouses in one place without having to switch from one location to the next.
  • Expandable Service Offerings: As you onboard more clients and diversify your service offerings, LogiView scales with you, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency across operations.

4th Party Logistics Providers (4PL)

Mastering the Logistics Orchestra

4PL entities are at the helm of intricate logistics orchestration, coordinating between various 3PLs, carriers, and clients. LogiView’s solution for 4PLs focuses on:

  • Unified Control Tower: Gain a bird’s eye view of all coordinated operations, ensuring seamless integrations between different 3PLs, carriers, and other logistics partners.
  • Strategic Data Analytics: Dive deep into operational data to uncover insights, enabling better decision-making and the delivery of enhanced logistic strategies to clients.
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility: Ensure all stakeholders are consistently informed, facilitating proactive problem-solving and maximizing client value delivery.
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Perfectly Aligned Inventory Management

The retail sector thrives on the right product availability. With LogiView’s solutions tailored for retailers, businesses can:

  • Seamless Omni-Channel Integration: Whether in-store, online, or via mobile, guarantee inventory consistency and availability across all sales channels.
  • Product Analysis: Utilize historical data and real-time analytics, to see your best sellers and slow moving products, ensuring shelves are always stocked with the right items and excess inventory costs are minimized.
  • Granular Visibility with Drill-Down Capabilities: See the big picture and the granular details. LogiView’s dashboard provides a comprehensive overview, but when you need to dive deep, its drill-down features allow for detailed inspection of any data point.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Precision with Every Order

In the fast-paced world of Ecommerce, every second counts. LogiView provides Ecommerce businesses with tools to:

  • Real-Time Order Tracking: Provide customers with real-time updates on their order status, from the moment they click ‘buy’ to when the product is delivered to their doorstep.
  • Shopping Cart Integration: Ensure all your orders are received, whether it be from customer service, online shopping carts, or in stores.
  • Seamless Global Integrations: In an age where businesses operate across continents, LogiView ensures that borders don’t become barriers. Integrate seamlessly with partners, vendors, and logistics providers globally, ensuring uniformity in data and operations irrespective of geographical nuances.
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Distribution Centers

Streamlining Distribution Dynamics with Clarity

In the intricate maze of distribution logistics, balancing stock levels with demand and ensuring timely deliveries is paramount.  With LogiView, distributors have:

  • Multi-Vendor Coordination: Seamlessly integrate with multiple vendors, keeping a clear track of product inflow, ensuring you’re always stocked with the right quantities and variants. This helps in eliminating both stockouts and overstock scenarios.
  • Unified Retailer Communication: Foster better relationships with retailers by providing them with real-time stock availability, anticipated delivery schedules, and quick response mechanisms, all facilitated through a unified communication portal.
  • Compliance and Documentation Management: Distributors often grapple with regulatory compliance and documentation. LogiView organizes all essential documents, ensuring easy retrievals and adherence to industry-specific regulations.


Optimizing Production Processes with Visibility and Precision

In the multifaceted realm of manufacturing, synchronizing raw material procurement, production cycles, and final product distribution is a challenging ballet.  With LogiView, manufacturers have:

  • End-to-End Material Traceability: From the raw materials entering the factory to the finished product leaving the premises, track every item’s journey. Ensure quality, authenticity, and timely availability of components.
  • Seamless Supplier Integration: Establish harmonized communication with suppliers. Address quality concerns and maintain optimal inventory levels without overburdening storage capacities.
  • Real-time Production Monitoring: Stay updated with the current status of every machine and production line. Identify potential bottlenecks, downtimes, or maintenance requirements instantly, reducing unplanned halts.
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Vendors & Suppliers

Empowering the Backbone of the Supply Chain

Vendors and suppliers play a pivotal role in ensuring product availability and quality can’t be overstated. With LogiView, distributors have:

  • Unified Client Interface: View orders, requests, and feedback from multiple clients in one unified interface. Follow deliveries, bulk orders, and maintain clarity in communications, ensuring every client need is addressed promptly.
  • Dynamic Inventory Management: Track stock levels in real-time and anticipate replenishment needs. Avoid stockouts, reduce surplus, and utilize alerts for optimal inventory turnover, ensuring products are fresh and available.
  • Transparent Delivery Tracking: Offer clients clear visibility into the delivery process. From dispatch to receipt, provide real-time updates on shipment status, ensuring confidence and clarity in the procurement process.

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