Seamless Integrations with LogiView:

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Bridging Technologies to Engineer a Cohesive Supply Chain

  • Protocol-Agnostic Data Interaction: Engage in flawless data transactions regardless of the format, ensuring interoperability and cohesiveness across various technological platforms and partners.
  • Single Pane of Glass Visibility: Witness all your integrations, data interactions, and supply chain visibility under a single, user-friendly dashboard that ensures you have a constant, holistic view of all operations.
  • Automated Data Synchronization: Automate data flows across various systems and platforms, ensuring real-time synchronization and accuracy in operational data, enabling instant decision-making and proactive management.

Dive Deep with System Integrations:

  • ERP/Accounting Systems: Ensure financial data is consistently updated and accurate through direct integrations with your accounting systems, providing real-time visibility into your financial performance.
  • WMS: Ensure inventory, order, and shipment data is consistently synchronized across your enterprise and warehouse management systems, facilitating streamlined operations and accurate reporting.
  • TMS & Parcel Shipping Software: Maintain synchronized data flow between your transport management and parcel shipping platforms, guaranteeing accurate, timely, and cost-effective logistics management.
  • Ecommerce Platforms: Enable immaculate order, inventory, and shipment data flow between your e-commerce platforms and logistic operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • CRM: Foster enhanced customer relations with integrations that ensure customer data and orders are connected.
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Integration Types:

  • EDI: Facilitate traditional EDI integrations, ensuring accurate and automated transactions, and maintaining compliance with partner and regulatory requirements.
  • Rest API: Leverage API connectivity for real-time data interactions and enhanced collaboration across cloud-based platforms and applications.
  • XML & JSON: Enjoy seamless integration with web services, ensuring coherent data structures and straightforward interactions across various web platforms.
  • CSV/TXT: Incorporate and export data effortlessly with CSV/TXT integrations, providing flexibility and compatibility with a multitude of applications.
  • Webhook: Enable real-time data push, ensuring your systems are instantly updated with any changes, maintaining data coherence across platforms.

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