Axis Global Logistics

Supply Chain Management Case Study

Axis Global Logistics orchestrates retail store opening with network of warehouse facilities, partners and logistics software

Growth in Omni-Channel commerce and fast-paced retail competition has increased the need for specialized logistics services to get store openings completed within tight time and budget constraints.  The diverse geographic locations for national and global retailers present even greater challenges.

Axis Global Logistics, a leading transportation and supply chain solutions provider, has built a broad network of warehouse facilities to manage inventory staging for everything from shelving, fixtures, in-store graphics and even pop-up stores.  Axis Global’s 15 warehouse locations cover North America, Europe, and Asia and are expanded with collaborative warehouse partners in extended regions.

Keeping the distributed inventories in sync requires a common software platform that manages receiving, storage, picking, shipping and returns.  The Axis network is driven by warehouse management and inventory visibility systems from Cadre Technologies, Inc. an innovator in warehouse fulfillment software.

Aligning resources to meet time, budget and complex demands of store set-ups, remodels, resets and installations in wide spread geographies.

“We have built a seamless, single provider approach for retail installations,” explained Brian Harvey, Executive Vice President at Axis.  “We are involved and accountable at every stage from integrating key suppliers to coordination of delivery and installation.  All of this is done to meet rigid deadlines and budgets.”

The company had implemented a centralized Cadence Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Cadre.  In remote Axis facilities, the company has deployed Accuplus, a specialized third-party system from Cadre.  Holding it all together is LogiView, a hosted inventory visibility and execution platform that controls location and movement.  Partner warehouses were recruited from collaborative partners in other locations including Amware Logistics in Atlanta and Dependable Distribution in Los Angeles.  Both companies use Cadence WMS.

“Having both Axis Global facilities and partner facilities on the same technology platform allows us to more effectively coordinate all of the supply chain activities,” Harvey added.  “We are able to offer more locations with collaborative warehouse partners on the same systems.”

Beyond inventory, Axis provides delivery, installation, purchasing, printing, tear-down and returns to fill just about any gap in the full-service model.  Each project has its own set of challenges including delivery in the early hours in many cities to get better access when traffic is light.

About Axis Global Logistics
Headquartered in Maspeth, New York, Axis Global Logistics designs and implements supply chain solutions for companies in a wide range of industries.  Axis specializes in sensitive, time critical transportation that requires a high degree of personal service.  The company has two National Fulfillment Centers in New Jersey and distribution and warehouse depots in strategic locations across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia along with more than 1500 Axis agents worldwide.

For additional information about Axis Global Logistics, contact, call 800-568-4901.

About Cadre Technologies
Cadre Technologies is a leading provider of warehouse management software for fulfillment, logistics and manufacturing companies and is the largest software provider to the third-party logistics (3PL) industry in North America.  Cadre delivers warehouse management and logistics visibility tools including: Cadence WMS and Fulfillment System; Accuplus WMS; and LogiView Visibility and Integration.  The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with locations in Lenexa, Kansas and Baltimore, Maryland.  Learn more about Cadre Technologies.

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