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Cadence WMS is a real-time Warehouse Management System software that organizes inventory, orders, shipments and workflow for distributors, 3rd party logistics companies and manufacturers.  The system directs and controls operations for a wide variety of complex logistics business models and product verticals.  It manages varying requirements and individual operations for multiple clients in hundreds of 3rd party (3PLs) warehouses and omni-channel distribution companies.

High-Volume, Multi-Channel Fulfillment Distribution

Warehouses rely on Cadence WMS software to match inventory to orders and to distribution centers (pallets), retail stores (cases/cartons) and consumers (parcels). Cadence spans inbound orders and inventory; warehouse operations (locations, picking, receiving, kitting, replenishment, cycle-counting, packing, etc.); multi-carrier shipping (parcel, LTL and Truck loading); reporting and communications (alerts, dashboard, visibility). Also integrations and interactions with other systems and applications (accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), websites, eCommerce shopping carts, EDI, and carriers.

Microsoft Platform Flexibility

Cadence works in real time on the Microsoft technology platform to deliver actionable information to workers, managers, and customers via wireless computers/scanners, desktop applications, and web-based dashboard views of key performance indicators (KPIs). Cadence is pre-wired to the retail market, suppliers, carriers, and other involved parties through an expert collection of partners for EDI, multi-carrier small parcel shipping, and managed infrastructure hosting services (cloud).

Cadence WMS 2 - Cadence WMS
Cadence WMS 3 - Cadence WMS

Industry Specific Requirements

Whether your company needs to track expiration dates, temperature control, picking priority (LIFO, FIFO, etc.) or more we’ve got you covered.  Cadence can be tailored to any industry whether it be consumer productsfood and beveragefrozen foodelectronicsautomotive parts, pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals, and more.  Our WMS can handle the following specifications:

  • Environmental (temperature)
  • Serialization
  • Expiration
  • High value
  • And more

Optimize Time and Space

Time is money and so is space.  Make the most of yours with our structured, directed warehouse management system. Cadence creates process and location efficiency to help you lower costs while increasing productivity.  The result is increased capacity and profitability.

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