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drones for warehouse automation

Four Trends in Global Logistics: Part 2

drones for warehouse automation

Here is the second trend in this four part series.


Trend #2: Automation and Robotics, Smart Glasses and Drones

Warehouse automation and robotics have the potential to help operators handle multi-channel requirements and increase delivery to support same-day or next-day delivery. Besides the reduced labor and safety costs, there are also opportunities to increase storage density of goods and increase the warehouse footprint.

An emerging development in this area are smart glasses. Smart glasses represent a hands-free solution that helps speed deliveries and improve accuracy. The glasses give the user a visual display of the order picking instructions, along with where the items are located, and where they need to go. The result: higher accuracy rates and decreased training times.

Similarly, drones are seen as a new way to replace hard-to-configure conveyor systems; they offer greater flexibility for picking routes within your warehouse. By using drones to scan inventory barcodes and RFID tags across large spaces, labor costs are reduced and time is better managed.


Stay tuned for next week’s trend as we talk about data transparency!

If you missed the part 1 here’s the link: Trend#1 Rising Demand for Predictive Analytics



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