Warehouse Management Software & Logistics (WMS) for IT Directors

IT Excellence is a Strategic Advantage for Leading Edge Logistics Companies

The investment includes advanced technology and the talent to optimize it.

IT directors need systems that are flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of logistics situations with a single tool set. The flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your customers through technology creates value and promotes long-term relationships.

Our systems let you customize processes without customization of code. That means that you can set up processes to run for each customer’s requirements without relying on us to make changes. As a result, Cadre can maintain and support one code base without a series of one-off customizations.

Our Systems Set You up to be Self-Sufficient

You can set up routines, events and business rules to process each different requirement for any number of customers, warehouses and product mixes. We equip you to address varying demands of inventory rules, product characteristics, and inbound/outbound.

Typical changes to warehouse systems involve the customization of labels, documents, reports, and other customer facing information output. Cadre’s systems provide the tools to control these requirements without paying us to do it. Of course, Cadre’s support teams are there to help when you need it.

IT Director 3 - WMS for IT Directors

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IT Director 4 - WMS for IT Directors

Seamless Integrations to Other Systems

Cadre solutions are also built to work seamlessly with other systems and trading partners outside your environment. Integration with ERP systems, EDI systems, Ecommerce shopping carts, and other logistics systems is accomplished with an open set of database connectors and adapters. We have successfully integrated to virtually every ERP system and EDI transaction set. We set you up to utilize these integration tools to place yourself in a leadership position among trading partners and members of diverse supply chains. We also offer a fully managed hosted EDI solution for our customers that want to outsource these responsibilities.

Cadre systems are built for reliability and flexibility within the warehouse facility.

Built on a Familiar Platform

In Cadence, IT managers work with the Microsoft platform including Windows Server and SQL Server. This commonly used foundation provides advanced data reporting utilities through Microsoft Reporting Services.

LogiView, Cadre’s Supply Chain Visibility solution, is built on the Microsoft platform and available as a SaaS model, natively networked to integrate disparate supply-chain partners.