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Detailed Inventory and Operations Control

Technology and automotive products require serialized and non-serialized part number capture and control.  High value components and part serial numbers are received into the systems upon receipt into your warehouse.  As orders are picked, serial numbers are captured and added to order information.  Quality control and inspection on both inbound inventory and outbound orders is required to ensure accuracy and traceability.

Key functions for technology/automotive products:

  • Serial number tracking and processing
  • Quality control
  • Inventory allocation rules
  • Kitting and tracking of part numbers within kits

Our WMS solutions can be tailored to meet your company, customer, and product requirements. With multiple picking methods, seamless integrations, hosting options, and more we have got your covered. Our WMS systems can be installed on premise or hosted in the cloud and can be integrated with accounting/ERP, TMS, LMS, ecommerce shopping carts and more allowing for a seamless process from receiving to final delivery to the customer.  Also, through the use of integrated mobile/RF devices, you can track the items in real time as they move through the warehouse.

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